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April 12, 2024

Do you think people over 70 years old, should be President?

People over 70 shouldn’t be president due to how they are usually out of touch and cause problems. An example being Joe Biden and others who do not know about the internet and things going on which causes problems with how they lead the country throughout the years specifically through the late 2010s and 2020s within the US. An example being how he and others shut off and freeze up do their age and often forget where they are and what they are doing yet are somehow still holding power through voting and corruption. Also this opinion was asked to various students within the school who wanted to be anonymous on their opinion of whether people over 70 should be leading the country.


Question 1: do you think people over 70 should be leading the country?

Response 1:[unknown name] country reading leading or leading on all because they nicely, like they’re not up to the new generation. And they don’t really they don’t really know what’s really happening. Like their mindset highlights. Like they might as an app developer to this new generation. I feel like they’re stuck into the old so like, they don’t really they wouldn’t understand that

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Response 2:No, I think it should be more younger people because it Yeah, President wise, like, if it should be older and like Joe Biden, he’s too old.

Response 3:You want someone wiser, but you don’t want somebody too old? Because I feel like maybe they’re because obviously younger people obviously still learning. I think older people are, like, you know, their brains aren’t like developing anymore. And they’re not like, he wants to be too old, because he won’t be able to like, like, I guess adapt to the ways like, the world is changing. So have your perspective from someone, you’re younger than someone that’s been around for a minute and like, you know, do things that wouldn’t accommodate like the country that you have a view do have, like an old president should have younger advisors, or like a young vice president? Because then do we need to like address? Like the whole, like, the whole all the age groups?


Question 2: do you think joe biden and trump where good presidents.

Response 1:No, because I didn’t look at my all we look at the political stuff like that, but like from what I’ve heard, they both have him on the bus or probably not get some girl president. I changed it

Response 2: don’t know, I’m not very into political like, stuff like that. But I do know, both of them have done and participated in like, bad things for the country, like Biden, right.

Response 3:Trump, but I don’t like Biden either. The only thing good that Trump did was he was very anti black, but he bought I don’t think it was Trump but like Trump’s campaign, but a lot of vaccines and for COVID which is a good thing, and I’ve not heard that, like I don’t like him, but Biden hasn’t been like either donate so much money to Israel and he like helped fund the willow project which is a making climate change so much worse, because it’s more money into factories, but sneaky did do for some reason. I don’t know it was Biden’s administration. They overturn the stuff that so basically, it’s a law that was overturned I think I saw it somewhere that

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