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Russian Concert Hall Attack

Anzhela Bets
A residential house that was destroyed by a Russian rocket in February 2022

After the terrorist attack on the capital of Russia on March 23, 2024, it left the Russian people outraged as a big anti-immigration sentiment rose in its aftermath. This terrorist attack was carried out by Isis, a terrorist organization. This was the result of unfair treatment in the Caucuses. The criminals were found, beaten and trialed

The Caucuses is a region in southern Russia that has a big Islamic population. Furthermore, some regions in the Caucasus are being radicalized by foreign Islamic extremist groups that were founded by an Isis organization in the Caucasus region. The organization has an anti-Russian sentiment, along with the fact Russia has given the Caucasus, little to no autonomy which led to them seeking independence. The few countries that gained independence are heavily influenced or have had their territories taken from Russia, specifically Crimea in 2014, which was illegally annexed. In other instances, Donetsk and Luhansk became a satellite state for Russia.

A history teacher at the Urban Assembly for Media Studies (UAM), Joseph Pechie, offers his perspective on current events in relation to these events. “Yes, I believe Russia will use this to create a new war or proxy war, to push their influence beyond Russia.”

“I think this might start a anti immigration sentiment movement in New York City, but it wouldn’t be as big of a movement because this city is full of diverse people” says (Christina Liao, Teacher at UAM). 

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Russia has bad relations towards the Caucasus region. For example, in 1817 there was a war between the Russian Empire and the various people of the North Caucasus who resisted subjugation during the Russian conquest of the Caucasus. Another example is after the 1999 Russian apartment bombings, that killed over 300 Russian civilians. They started a war in the province of Dagestan and they used that as a platform to justify another war on Chechnya after their humiliating defeat in `96.

Following the attack on the concert hall, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine. At first, they were only suggestions, but President Vladimir Putin later stated explicitly that the individuals who assaulted Moscow had attempted to escape to Ukraine with the assistance of contacts there.

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