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The Journey of UAM Seniors

The College Application Process
UAM Seniors speak with Britney Vasquez, The Hub Reporter, about their experiences during the college application process.
Teisha Wilson UAM Senior, speaks with Britney Vasquez, The Hub Reporter, about her experience in the college application process.

Exploring the experiences of senior students offers valuable insights into their preparation for the future. In an in-person interview, Teisha Wilson, a dedicated student-athlete at UAM, shares her perspective on the journey towards attending an HBCU, in which she has to balance basketball, academics, and college applications. Wilson reflects on the challenges she faced.

“I felt very drained,” Wilson responds, her tone hinting at the weight of the process, preparation, and pressure on her. “You know, because you have to research colleges, find what suits you best. And that process was a lot. Not knowing how to apply to college added pressure, along with juggling other activities. It was pretty stressful.”

Wilson’s journey required her to navigate the challenges of college applications while balancing her extra-curricular activities.

“I was nervous, I will say. Definitely unprepared. The school didn’t really prepare me that much for it. It’s just something you get thrown into, trial and error, figure it out along the way. But as soon as you finish it, there’s that sigh of relief. It feels good,” Wilson explains, reflecting on the journey’s end.

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Wilson ended up choosing psychology as her prospective major.

“I want to study psychology because it covers a lot of interesting topics like mental health, self-improvement, relationships, and more. I believe it’ll help me understand myself and others better,” Wilson explains confidently.

Wilson’s journey shows how she’s had to handle a lot of challenges while applying for college and balancing her activities. Her decision to major in psychology, her dedication to learning and growing as a student, are some of the great things about going to college.

Egypt Terry, UAM Senior, speaks with Britney Vasquez, The Hub Reporter, about her experience in the college application process.

Egypt Terry, a senior at UAM, opened up about her journey through the maze of college applications.

“I felt unprepared,” she confided, expressing the mixed emotions of confusion and doubt that many students face.

As she shared her experience, Terry revealed the common struggles of understanding majors and career options. “I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know what each major really involved or where it could take me. So, when I started looking into it, I felt overwhelmed and lost.”

Terry’s story shines a light on the challenges students like her encounter when trying to make important decisions about their future. Through her account, she shows the difficulties she’s facing right now and how she got here.

“I think it did impact my mental health earlier towards the end, it didn’t because I had a team to support me kind of, but in the beginning it was a bit stressful, because I didn’t know which route to go,” Terry explained, her tone reflecting on the rollercoaster of emotions she endured.

Terry recounted further her interactions with school counselors and resources during this process.

“I definitely had to find my own resources on my own. I felt like a counselor doesn’t know how to deal with a lot of the students here, especially students that are applying to cultural schools. So it’s a bit harder for her to assist me with HBCUs because she’s so busy with me applying to Ivy League or applying to a lot of these PWIs. But yeah…”

When reflecting on the start of this process, Terry added, “I had an idea of my major, what I wanted to do for my major, but now it’s expanding. It’s not as it was in ninth grade.”Egypt’s approach to planning her future since her early high school years has played a major role in navigating the the challenges of the college application process, empowering her to confront challenges head-on and carve out a path to her aspirations.

Vanessa Morales, UAM Senior, speaks with Britney Vasquez, The Hub Reporter, about her experience when choosing a different path.

Vanessa Morales, a senior at UAM, shared her unique journey as she discussed her decision-making process regarding college applications. She is following a different path, and many other students like her, pick to go on a different route while making plans for the future.

“Yeah, I knew I didn’t want to go to college. I wanted to keep learning but in a different way. So, I decided to go to trade school to learn something specific,” Morales explains simply.

Morales felt supported in her decision making process along the way.

“Yes, I got help from Miss Butler, our college counselor, and my family,” Morales replies, acknowledging her support system.

When reflecting on her mental health during this process, Morales admitted, “Yeah, I was worried. Everyone else was applying to college, so I felt pressured. But I realized trade school was the right choice for me.”

Morales when on to add, “Yes, I’m confident. I’m doing what I really want to do, not just following what everyone else is doing.”

Morales’ journey reflects the courage it takes to follow one’s own path, even when it’s different from what others expect. Her decision to attend trade school instead of college shows her determination to pursue her passions and find her own way in the world.

A Complex Journey

It is important to recognize the importance of amplifying students’ voices, as they provide invaluable insights into their struggles and goals during the senior year college application process. By sharing our experiences and processes, we not only educate others, but also create a supportive environment in which students can thrive in their future careers.

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